About Us

MCP Car Parks operates three car parks over the Maltese Islands. The largest is the Floriana car park that is close of the capital city of Valletta and others include a car park in Hamrun and another at the Basketball complex in Ta’ Qali.  The car parks have various parking solutions at very reasonable rates for all short term as well as longer stay parking requirements.

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As the main car park operator in Floriana, we’re committed to delivering the very best in parking.  With 22 years experience, delivering the best in off-street parking we’d like to use our expertise and knowledge to help you and your business benefit too.  Our approach is highly personal tailoring everything to the needs of you, your business and your customers. We create solutions that are exactly right for you. There are many different ways to partner with us including our affiliates programme,  advertising deals and initiatives.

A Sustainable Eco-friendly Car Park


We know that a successful future depends on understanding the risks that climate change poses, reducing our impact and becoming more resilient.

We are in the process of constructing the central area and upgrading our buildings by ensuring minimal disturbance to the car park operation.

We are delivering new waste solutions, producing organic matter for use in our landscape and recreation areas.

Tree plan

We are planning to plant diverse tree species to create a healthier and cooler landscape and a recreation area to the public . This will enhance the view points of City Gate and the Valletta Grand Harbour.

New technologies

We are redesigning the natural ventilation systems to the car park which will provide air circulation ensuring that any fumes are exhausted from the building and install intelligent lighting systems;  the aim is to increase energy efficiency, in-line with today’s LED systems, to demonstrate local clean energy generation.

Eco-friendly cleaning

We will be using an eco-friendly sweeper with water re-circulation system, low noise levels, lower emissions and brushes that have been designed to deliver the best performance and efficiency possible. This new technology will assist us in keeping our car parks clean with minimal waste.

Water management

Clean rain water will be channelled to the existing stormwater harvesting systems. The water will be used for irrigation of the landscape area.  We encourage recycled water technologies in the city’s major buildings.

Car valet

An essential service to our users, we offer car valet services  for users leaving their cars parked for a while, or for locals, since this service is missing in the area.

Green transport

We dedicated bike spaces and Electric Cabs stand as the city’s main street is closed to car traffic.
We encourage walking and the use of our new shuttle bus for work and city visits.

Increasing our pace

Everyone is part of our city’s sustainability journey. Each person and business can take action now to reduce parking within Valletta.

We are working with residents, businesses, workers, visitors, authorities and planners to reduce our environmental impact and parking in the city.

We have made good progress, but must accelerate action when the car park will increase the spaces by more than 400 car spaces and will provide the public with a very beautiful public open space in the landscaped garden.